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Why Ask Nik?

With more than 25 years of experience in the best agencies of the world, being Co-Founder of one of the most successful and awarded creative/idea schools in the world, working for hundreds top brands/products globally, c-level as well as beginner-level, winning more than thousand awards I would like to give you the chance of picking my brain for all the marketing related subjects.

If you run or work in an agency and have questions about HR topics, creative talent or industry overviews...
If you are a creative talent and want get a thorough view about career development or your portfolio...
If you are responsible for a small or big brand and need contacts or recommendations about agencies, talent world wide or a clear opinion about national or international campaign/some creative work…
call me!

You will get a professional and experienced sparing, a fresh look, honest feedback, external inspiration, a helicopter and neutral view of someone not routine-blinded.

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Please provide your name so as I know who’s calling and your e-mail address where I can send the invoice after we talked :-)